Face mask Grinch six feet people

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People who feel like they’re earning more by staying home can’t afford capitalism. Face mask Grinch six feet people. The corporations don’t need socialism as they’re doing ok with capitalism! Wanting to work and finding employment are two different things. While I don’t think paying people more on unemployment than they usually make is good policy, it’s hardly the greatest concern. They’ve been giving tons of money to large corporations for years.

Face mask Grinch six feet people

Face mask Grinch six feet people - detail
face mask – detail

I guarantee you more corporations are taking advantage than a few workers who make be better off in the short term. Face mask Grinch six feet people. And since the money would go straight back into the economy, what exactly are they playing at. Many of us would love to go back to work, but the jobs aren’t there. And I’ll be damned if I will “find something new” as the White House put it, after I’ve spent 13 years getting a degree and working in my field. Extend the benefits and keep people afloat. And hey, if the economy is as great as they say it is, people should be going back to work in record numbers, so those added benefits really won’t cost that much anyway. Can’t or won’t? This is ridiculous. The ultra rich are telling the peasants they can’t part with any extra pennies. $600 is the difference between a roof over your head and food on the table.

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