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Make no mistake this is The First Wave Still wrecking havoc across America those who’ve cheered the gutting of our federal government and the collapse of her safety nets must be perdy proud of emselfs. If Americans had some damned discipline (and competent leadership) and sucked it up for just 2 months, we would have broken the chain of contagion and would have been over this. But no, people were afraid to wear a mask. It hurt their little feelies. Jeep POD face mask. So now many thousands more will die needlessly.

Jeep POD face mask

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face mask – detail

Unfortunately you get what you vote for… I’m so terribly sad and heartbroken. My only optimism is people are waking up and the USA is incredibly resilient. Vote Blue down ticket. No one in the USA was denied care due to lack of resources; PPE, ventilators, hospital beds, etc. Unlike the EU, Italy for example. Under the Trump administration, the Federal Govt and industry pulled together to mobilize and supply the US and the world with potentially needed supplies. Sorry but this statistics is misleading. Jeep POD face mask. You can’t use case statistics because the amount of reported cases depends on the amount of people tested. The more you test, the more cases you get, so this statistics may just as well be indicative of increased testing in the US. That’s why Trump suggested slowing down testing for PR reasons. I suggest you take this post down and put up a new one where you compare amount of COVID-19 deaths per capita/day in the US and EU instead, which is the only reliable way to compare the presence of coronavirus in different countries.

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