Los angeles rams face mask

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To be fair there’s certain countries within the EU, like Sweden, that didn’t have lockdowns or testing and as a result are in bad shape, but that’s essentially like one bad state (the Florida?) of the EU, whereas the US as a whole is terrible. Los angeles rams face mask. Southeast Asia probably handled it the best because they’re not stubborn and are prepared/experienced.

Los angeles rams face mask

Los angeles rams face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Europeans never asked for Coronavirus, Americans somehow have. I think it’s important to care for elderly and vulnerable people and how we feel about the spreading of the virus. In that way Americans have shown the world their priorities. Los angeles rams face mask. This is what happens when you have a system run by Neo-lib neo-cons they provide no basics not even income,food,PPE during a pandemic does not provide healthcare etc for the people so people freak get worried venture out take any job then others can see nothing other than economy business work etc over human life meanwhile our neo-lib politicians are profiting along with the corporations and the people are dying and spreading the virus.Other major countries respect human life put the people first providing income food PPE supplies and healthcare

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