Face mask this principal loves her school

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I know…because that’s exactly what this woman said: the government is the solution to EVERY problem. Face mask this principal loves her school. EVERY PROBLEM.

Face mask this principal loves her school

Face mask this principal loves her school- pic 1
Face mask – pic 1

Why the whining Brandon? Imagine being ignorant enough not to understand the government mandates many things in the interest of public safety. A mask mandate isn’t any different. CNN with all the important news out there, this is what you chose to focus on? I guess it’s true what they say about you… fake gossip news, one sided… not objective… not journalists. Jesus is never too late, He raised Lazarus from the dead. We will have to put our trust in Him. Face mask this principal loves her school. The systems of the world are being put on trial and these are the birth pains of His return. The Kingdom of God is coming and anything not of it is sinking in the sand never to rise again. New Yorkers did this too with Governor Cuomo, who forced nursing homes to accept covid patients, killing their grandparents. CNN will never cover it though. Why? The big D! Mandatory mask don’t work to many people don’t care I’ve been to places we’re they are required and to many walking around without them sorry but people suck. i’m very sorry for the loss of your mom. and yes, the governor and our president are responsible for her loss. and the loss of over 150,000 other americans. they are a disgrace and should be removed from office and charged with crimes against humanity. americans on american soil. i cannot imagine your families pain and grief. i am so sorry. i’ll be praying for you all.

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