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Fletcher respect the people first then I will pay respect it’s a flag not a human being for crying out loud. Lynda Shriver that makes no sense at all. Do you know what a Fascist is? Are you aware fascist are characterized by far right leaning ideology? Try again or you know pay attention in high school world history. Fake Taxi. Fletcher because only a flag lapel pin shows they love and respect the country?

Fake Taxi

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Fake Taxi longsleeve tee
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President bone spurs dodged the draft. Three of the candidates in these debates are combat war veterans. Your comment is insulting to all of them. Wearing a flag proves nothing. Doesn’t this horror of a president wear one? So did Bush as he lied to us about WMD. It’s not the pin it’s the honesty of the man! Right on that one. And it’s usually the worst traitors that pretend to be the most patriotic. That pin is the cheapest most meaningless display of patriotism. Not a one of them give a dang about America and not a one has what it takes to lead a country. It is embarrassing as an American that this bunch of garbage is what the world sees as American political figures. Bourque Maybe it doesn’t make you patriotic, but wearing one means that you are a coward. In a time when so many Democrats care more about illegal aliens than American citizens, not wearing a flag shows that you’re one of. Fake Taxi. Fletcher maybe your fake outrage should be directed at the American flag that was just replaced by a Russian flag at a base in Northern Syria yesterday. Jeanne McDonald right. And taking a knee to those people is a sin. Children in cages and dead Kurds is fine however.

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