Farm cow classic cap

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Dan FisherI can think of several examples of American failures. You being the biggest. 59 . Barry KlinedinstAnd while we are at it let’s make joe happy and turn into a socialist country18 . Joseph VillarrealHorseshit!!! They have been saying this same stuff for 40 plus years. Some people are just getting rich off of this climate scale. 17 . Kennedy OumaIn a span of few months,you’ve performed excellently.Keep on keeping on the good work,you’re cherished and adored.24 . Steven SalanderMaybe time to face getting those kids out of cages18 . Ismail A YusufSir President Joe Biden we’re all witness on this. It’s a mission from the grassroot. Building the nation and make it more better that it is was the commitment of every one of you sir. More grease to your elbow sir25 . Cya HighPlease sir M7 is finishing ugandans, killings are on high-level by the rigem of M7. Poor facilities in uganda like hospitals schools but M7 buy guns to shoot at ugandans6  Farm cow classic cap

Farm cow classic cap

You’re committed to making sure that more Union members crash back to the lower class and need government assistance as you tax the hell out of corporations. Thank you, President Harris. We all know President Biden doesn’t write any of these. He has to have other people write his stuff just like when he was caught plagiarizing during college and during at least one Presidential Campaign. It used to be you could tell when he goes off the cuff because it’s stereotypical racist stuff. Now it’s hard to tell if it’s him or President Harris spewing stereotypical racist slander.. Nothing wrong with union membership. But compulsory union membership, that’s where I draw the line. The US needs to be a Right to Work Nation.. So many things wrong with this statement. Farm cow classic cap 1.) You are not a president. 2.) You are supposed to support all Americans not just the ones that belong to an organization that has financial supported your family for 50 years. 3.) You don’t support union workers either. You killed Local 798 jobs by killing the keystone pipeline. Your tax and spend policies are pushing UAW jobs to Mexico.

Farm cow classic cap

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