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Binoy John Dr”Thank you may be a Small word but is one which means Big!Selfless service makes the world a happier place! Great message President Joe Biden sir, will mean a lot to many! Binoy John Dr 521 . Jozeph Asa   · FollowHonor, Respect, Devotion to Duty!!!!1.1K . Collins Wanderi   · FollowAmerican waiters just earned a recognition from their president. They will “serve” even better. Target practice with humans from sh*+h0le countries. Waoh!92 . Stephen DolginThank you Mr. President. Although I didn’t serve in combat. I had the great honor to serve in the National Guard and the Army Reserve for 28 years. I’m still serving in the California State Guard, Civil Air Patrol and Coast Guard Auxiliary because ser… See More152 . David GibsonWrong holiday. You can’t even get this right…Come on man! Memorial Day is about those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this great country! Their lives!124  Feel my heart breaking butterfly poster

Feel my heart breaking butterfly poster

I’m not crying! You’re crying! . Awesome President. So glad to not hear the constant drama, lies, and temper tantrums of the former President. I don’t even want to say his name. Keep working hard Joe! Some Americans will not support you but you continue to lead with grace and build America . This was a Tear Jerker for me. Such a great accomplishment.. Thanks for the inspiration you both provide for my daughter.. I do not care what Harris has to laugh about. Your use of actors for propaganda, reminds me of those old weight loss commercials where a “real person” appears on screen declaring that the produce really works why announcing unreasonable claims.. Vice President Harris is a good-looking and intelligent woman with a gregarious personality and a disarming laugh.. Thanks Joe for organizing this! We appreciate you and all your hard work! . Congrats Sailor!. This so lovely and very inspiring thanks VP Kamala Feel my heart breaking butterfly poster

Feel my heart breaking butterfly poster

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