Ferrari Racing F1 hawaiian shirt

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Gail Yarbrough PerryNever heard of you until today and hope to never hear of you again. You spread lies and hate that have no place in my world. 37 . Susan CrockerAmerica was founded on separation of church and state; this is very anti-American! 26 . Terry HugginsHave you actually read the Constitution? Do you understand the seperation of church and state? Apparently not.42 . Oumayma TrabelsiWhat’s happening in sheikh jarrah neighberhood?Israeli police forces are trying to evacuate the homes of Palestinian residentd in sheikh jarrah neighberhood. 500 Palestinians have been living in this place since they first opened their eyes. Ignoring … See More12 . Helene Kihle MichelsenThis goes for all of Europe too! We are being destroyed from within.14 . Matt MidgetteShow me in the constitution where it mentions Jesus. You can’t because it doesn’t. 40 . Christine MeyerYes! Time to teach people that the Declaration of Independence is THEIR preservation and the solution. It established the TRUE authority of this nation and TELLS who truly governs! When the govt fails the people and decimates the Constitution – it … See More15  Ferrari Racing F1 hawaiian shirt

Ferrari Racing F1 hawaiian shirt

Cynthia MartinDon’t let the Socialists take over our country!100 . Kathy Marcuccilli ZumotYou are kidding yourself thinking this is about religion. Open your eyes to illegal occupation and evictions. 10 . Michael FazzinaWhat about other religions? Or is the freedom of religion only for Christians?26 . Laurel FrostIt is adorable how the Trump is the personification of every deadly sin, and his supporters don’t care…31 . Heather HohmannChristians throughout this world are under attack not only from bigoted, racist people/organizations, but also nations governments and their police and intelligence forces, including the U.S.! Not long ago, the President of the EU told Jewish people a… See MorePlay GIFTenor38 . Beth Weckerle OwensBrigitte – I have the utmost respect for you and have followed and shared your video of running the numbers of dead throughout the world when confronted by the Muslim student. Many of us hear from a variety of Conservatives, Republicans, retired milit… See More44  Ferrari Racing F1 hawaiian shirt

Ferrari Racing F1 hawaiian shirt

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