Fire 3d Skull Hoodie And Zip Hoodie

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Your attempt to win over Bernie supporters did not work. Okay so you are now on board with free college for those who make under 125,000 per year. How about some student loan relief for those who make under 125,000 a year? Maybe then I could consider it. Fire 3d Skull Hoodie. Two words to describe Biden. corporate democrat however he is better than that turd in the White House we need Bernie 2020

Fire 3d Skull Hoodie

Fire 3d Skull Zip Hoodie
Zip Hoodie

Bernie just pointed out how Biden had spent his entire career consistently voting against the interests of the working class and marginalized in society. Fire 3d Skull Hoodie. How would Biden be more equipped defeat trump with that kind of record? What about all the baggage Biden is bringing along with him in regards to lying about his participation in the civil rights movement, his inability to self criticize, and the coming attacks from the right? How is the man who actually speaks to the interests of millions and millions of people less equipped to beat trump.

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