Firefighter uniforms face mask

Do you want it? Firefighter uniforms face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Sad it shows that there’s more greed and corrupt and evil then the good of this country very mf sad shows the amount of people that wouldn’t want good some democrats or just as corrupt. Firefighter uniforms face mask.  that’s why I always say it’s not about republican and Democrat u got your evil in both it’s about wrong and right honest and truth leadership to put the people and capitalism both first with love and compassion smh it’s a shame how much corrupt goes on and it starts with money

Firefighter uniforms face mask

Firefighter uniforms face mask - detail
Firefighter uniforms face mask – detail

They could save that much just by stopping the practice of overpaying for everything. Hold companies accountable for price gouging the government. We need a strong military in this day and age. Just need to quit over spending. Sanders is a two faced politician that is very socialist. Firefighter uniforms face mask.  I agree with min wage going to $15 r more, but understand, if the dollar is devalued, which it is and will get worse, then the $15 is not worth $7.. Dems think all people r dumb and uneducated..evidently, a lot of people. Not nearly a big enough cut 35% would be a good beginning. All the wars we have fought since the Korean War have been for big business, let them pay for their own army.

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