Fitness Couple We’re A Team Custom Name Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Fitness Couple We’re A Team Custom Name Poster. Order now before lose it forever.


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Only 39.76 million people to go!. Thank you for leading! It’s been a tough year and you’ve taken more than your share of tough shots. But you lead…with morals, compassion, and principles. Thank you!. That’s 1% of the state’s population. But the most important and deserving 1%.. And you had nothing to do with it.. Disagree with you on a lot of policies but with covid you have done a great job. You’ve made some difficult calls especially early on that took guts. You worked well with President Trump, and have continued to make good decisions and bringing these … See More. Thank you so much Governor Newsom for your hard work and commitment. I’m so proud of you.. Resign! California needs better!. Go away forever Newsome. You are not respected nor liked. When can seniors start receiving vaccines?. Good job Gavin. Keep doing your thing.. Thank you Operation Warp Speed, the Scientist and President Donald J. Trump for making all this happen. Fitness Couple We’re A Team Custom Name Poster

Fitness Couple We’re A Team Custom Name Poster

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Thank you for your leadership! . Remember when people criticized Trump for saying we would have a vaccine by the end of the year? Has anyone given him praise for the vaccine? Be the first. Model healing and unity.. You’re doing great! Thanks Governor for taking the pandemic seriously.. Next video should be your resignation. When are you getting the vaccine, Governor? Shouldn’t you get it?. Let’s see you take it live #gavinnewsom. It takes that long to box up saline?. Thank you Governor for all that you do for CA. Fitness Couple We’re A Team Custom Name Poster My family and I support you . is there a tier level associated with dates for those after the healthcare professionals?. Make no mistake this is the face of corruption. Needs to go. I think he’s been given credit for supporting the vaccine program.. World’s most punchable face.. Thank you, Governor Newsom. Our first responders and healthcare workers desperately need this.

Fitness Couple We’re A Team Custom Name Poster

Thank you Governor Newsom for saving hundreds of thousands of lives.. Thank you- so thankful to have a governor who actually cares about California and Californians.. I didn’t hear Santa Clara county in there. Was there some other epicenter I didn’t hear about?. Hey Gavin President Trump’s response with a vaccine was faster then your response to the California wild Fires from your radical Demo’s. FYI for those who said Pfizer is a not an American – this from their Website… Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation. One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, it is ranked 57 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the lar… See More. Thank you President Trump…we wouldn’t have the vaccine this quick if it wasn’t for you. Newsom -you have done nothing but eliminate the middle class. How long before you will spout off about raising taxes since you are getting no sales tax revenue … See More

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