Fitness Gift Mugs

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Fitness Gift Mugs. Order now before lose it forever.




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We need a $15 per hour minimum wage and healthcare for all next, as well as an infrastructure plan and training programs to transition oil and gas workers to clean energy jobs.. So grateful for ARP and for you Bernie Sanders. Next up…raising the minimum wage, passing U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax and instituting Medicare for All.. Helping working families is not the problem. But, taking from the working class to give to the lazy is!!!!. And remember two things people: not one sorry-assed Republican voted for it; and, without Bernie, it never would’ve gotten through. Facts.. Sen. Sanders is a great mind & he will always encounter fierce opposition from mediocre spirits. GO Bernie Go.. Bernie…do you support the open borders by Biden? He is allowing covid into our country…he is putting kids in cages.. So it would have been nice to get a stimulus that would have been divided equally among those with social security numbers. We’d all be millionaires! Fitness Gift Mugs

Fitness Gift Mugs

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Fitness Gift Mugs 3
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A Democrat is someone who doesn’t yet know they are a Progressive. A Progressive is only a Socialist who knows it but who hasn’t admitted it yet. The Socialist, however, knows exactly who he is, sometimes admits it but will always look like a Democrat… See More. Bernie you cannot do that unless you take care of seniors too – you realise how little we are living on?. Hey Bernie, how do you feel about the $52 BILLION handed to the insurance industry, to allow 1.3 million to have COBRA coverage for 6 months? Copays and deductibles were unmanageable prior to covid, so how is an unemployed person supposed to pay them u… See More. Thank You . When we compare the American Rescue Plan with what other first world countries are doing it looks like right wing crumbs. Cuz it is.. Sometimes I wonder if Bernie was replaced with a double this last year. Fitness Gift Mugs

Fitness Gift Mugs

John PolucciWhat disturbs me most are 7nderpaid Walmart employees having to go to Medicaid to proper Healthcare. Walmart makes the billions un profits, but we tge lubluc pay for their employees s.33 . Renee’ ShifletSir is there anyway of gettin on going stimlus like the other countries until you get this passed and thank you for the stimlus we did and are getting and for your on going work to help all of us that live from pay check to paycheck God Bless Stay Heal… See More2 . Barbara GarciaYears ago when “$15.00 per hour as minimum pay” was suggested it was a GOOD strong wage. It isn’t anymore. It is better than $7.25 per hour or $2.something per hour but now still falls short. 3 . Judy R FrederiksenThen can you work on social security? It’s gone backwards for years.8 . Nicole MayIndeed! He’s Always on the right side of history. He would have been a great leader. 6

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