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You prefer that above healthcare for everyone in your network? Fix You Coldplay Signature Poster. Family, friend, kids of friends, friends of kids and all other loved ones around you? You have a point in regards to NATO.

Fix You Coldplay Signature Poster

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Poster – A4
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A2

So egotistically I should be happy that you are spending a lot on NATO funding. It makes Europe a safer place. At the same time. I still think you guys should have healthcare. Norway and many other countries are increasing their spending. And I am not here to defend norway lower than US spending. Norway in particular though is spending a large amount compared to other countries per capita. When you say issues, what issues are you talking about? It’s not the version we have in Norway. I don’t understand how you connect this to me getting anything free. I am just sharing what I think would be the best for you. Your family. Your friends. Their friends. Your co workers. Your study pals and other significant people in your life. This is not about me. Fix You Coldplay Signature Poster. It’s about you and your friends. All my friends are relaxed in norway. If any of my loved ones get sick. They will be well taken care of. You have to go a bit deeper into your google search. Like I said in my post. I pay more here in taxes plus insurance than I pay in norway including healthcare. I am actually hiring people and paying for their healthcare. We also give them 5 week vacation. And let me add. We pay a decent insurance. We actually don’t have to. We choose to. It does not matter what is working or what is not. Their ideology of choice must not be questioned! It demands loyalty and requires sacrifices in the name of higher taxes so politicians can continue to use identity politics to stay in power. To them the faithful low information voter is most important.

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