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Here (uk) the government wants to stay at home, but go to work. Flag Romania 3d hoodie. Close your business but pay tax and stay at home with your child but make profit.

Flag Romania 3d hoodie

Flag Romania 3d shirt
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Flag Romania 3d hoodie- back
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As I am a key worker, and cancelled annual leaves, forced to work etc etc, because we are under staffed, a bit unhappy, as all the people sitting at home right now, could learn and do my job tbh…..Flag Romania 3d hoodie. But they saying that the govarnment advised to stay at home, etc….yes, I did see the advert too. Hungary? I am at the UK in the last 20 years, not sure what picture you are talking about, as I am not really putting photos on fb …..did 1 on this afternoon about the homeless cat I gave a home. Good for those who lost their job. If you’re a small business or self employed you get nothing for lost income due job cancellations/lost work and you don’t qualify for EI unless you actually test positive for COVID 19. Zero help from the government for self employed who have lost work due to this. At the very least we should be able to keep our income tax for last year to help us support our families thorugh this time but instead the government still wants that off us as well and is only offering more time to pay it without penalties… that’s not help. as caddy cathie just said move here when this is all over. We are a welcoming nation and if you choose to attempt to immigrate here I wish all the best in your endeavours.

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