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Rest in peace …i always afraid this would happen … Mangaka died before his work was finished.. wish he finished Berserk, one of the best manga stories ever, before leaving. . RIP to the most talented mangaka of his generation and even beyond. Berserk is recognized as the GOAT and rightfully so. Legend.. Thank you for creation of Berserk , such a masterpiece..I was hoping to see it done . Deep condolences, too bad we can’t see this great manga/anime through the end… Rest in peace legend….give the god hand a good thrashing when u get to the heavens . rest in peace Legend, berserk is one of my all time favorites.. Seriously!! No…So sad was looking forward to see more of his story. Rest in peace.. Rest in peace… “Dreams. Each man longs to pursue his dream. Each man is tortured by this dream, but the dream gives meaning to his life. Even if the dream ruins his life, man cannot allow himself to leave it behind.” Flamingo tropical hawaiian shirt

Flamingo tropical hawaiian shirt

That’s why it stopped updating Flamingo tropical hawaiian shirt Still waiting for its ending. How the journey of guts will end i guess i’ll never see what you planned for the ending then.. Years of berserk fans joking that we’ll never see berserk ending in our lifetimes…and it really happened . Your legacy will be in this world until the very end. Thank you Miura sensei for all the great memories that i have while reading the manga. If i fell in love with the japonese culture, great part of this is because of Bersek.. Rest in peace Miura-sensei. Berserk will now forever be an unfinished masterpiece, where most pages in every chapter is a work of art. What a bittersweet ending. This is when you realize that you will never, ever see the end of Berserk, R.I.P Sensei.. Man this hit hard. Berserk was beyond a masterpiece. Life in mid 20s really is the hardest Part. Realising now that berserk will remain incomplete or will not get a Proper ending really beats me down. One of the things i wanted in life is to see through berserk and guts. But still thank you Miura Sensei. Rest in peace.

Flamingo tropical hawaiian shirt

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