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Jon MillerSR 1 is the ONLY thing that matters right now. Elections have consequences – and yeah we SHOULD have won 52 or 53 seats, AND expanded our House lead – but we did neither. There are LOTS of things we need to do, (Infrastructure, Immigration, Climate, … See More1 . Deborah ShockI LOVE BERNIE BERNIE never gave up. He compromised. He knew the system would not allow him to win. So he negotiated a position with an ally where he could influence and create as much positive change as possible working within the system. BERNIE IS MY… See More1 . EL MasmasBig banks such as Fifth Third Bank are suing impoverished, unemployed credit card clients over debt. After a year when banks had record earnings, but people lost jobs due to the pandemic, Mr Sanders please force them to stop this abuse.3 . Blake CordonBy spending another 6 trillion we don’t have? Go slap Unko Joe back to reality. 4  Flamingos flowers beach towel

Flamingos flowers beach towel

There is something so much bigger than politics going on here. The darkness we see in the World, the US included is the push back against love, ideals, rightness which is spreading across the planet. The government is imploding.. It is not a matter of believing the lie. It is a matter of fearing losing their next election, plain and simple.. That’s why I quit the Republican Party. I hate phonies. Now I don’t think there are necessarily less phonies in the D party because they just give lip-service to what Americans really care about – equal opportunity to make decent lives for themselves. Instead the politicians care more about growing their prestige and wealth!. I just love how you try to keep us divided instead of working together for the sake of our nation and its people……. I am sick of people saying the Democratic Party is weak. So why don’t you guys do something about trump NOW. No letting him get away with sedition and lies. He thumbs his nose at the constitution, he mocks our service men and women. He cheats and lies yet he walks free after shitting on the constitution and the sanctity of the White House Flamingos flowers beach towel

Flamingos flowers beach towel

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