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Michæ Matteson Floral Skull Girl 3D Immortal Hoodie I appreciate the specificity and reasoning poignancy you articulate around Medicare’s existence that is currently dysfunctional towards its intended purpose. I, too, hope Medicare is made better or that we strongly fix this as a society in our US cultu… See More. Dental care should be covered under Medicare.. Not a sign of a great country … And the GOP is set to go against anything that would improve the well-beings of the average Americans. Big Sugar should also be penalized for what they did to the American people. They should pay for senior dental care. As well, we should have Universal Health Care that includes services like this.. Susan Carlsteen America is a throw away society for far too many people. Sadly, senior citizens suffer greatly due to this idiocy. It’s as if the younger generations are in denial that they will one day age, if they are fortunate enough to do so. The lack of respect a… See More

Floral Skull Girl 3D Immortal Hoodie

I’m so glad I have medicaid. It doesn’t cover much but it covers my partial I desperately need. Can’t wait to be able to chew food again. You have control &senate house, do it before you loose it in 2022, enough talk.. All you do is talk,So many years in government ,and the same spiel.. I cannot shake the observation of a friend that visited the US a while back. He said: “There are so many poor and unfortunate people in the US”. This was striking to me, an immigrant coming to one of the richest countries in the world for a better life. It is true and yes, unacceptable. Thank you for highlighting this message. The US is not and it will not be exceptional, blessed, cradle of democracy and all that until everyone that works has a decent life and a shot at happiness. If you work you should be able to afford healthcare, education, and a reasonably good life. Floral Skull Girl 3D Immortal Hoodie

Floral Skull Girl 3D Immortal Hoodie

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