Florida for trump flag

Do you want it? Florida for trump flag. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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I know, you’d much rather put his face on a t shirt and on the side of a wall. Florida for trump flag. People are actually wishing her well, wishing the best for her children. maybe they should assimilate like the rest of world then.

Florida for trump flag

Florida for trump flag- pic 1
flag- pic 1

When do we finally say enough is enough? There’s only one reason why this country has the most deadliest places. Guess why? Chuck Galjour what’s your point? Did you just feel the need to have something to say bc your comment in no way addresses my point. And I SAID WHAT I SAID! the comment is rude, insensitive and she nor you know anything of this woman to say that she’s desperate to profit from her husband’s death. That’s my point, so don’t try and do a bait and switch to make this about anything EXCEPT THAT! people have been generous to her as a result of a horrific tragedy on both sides. It had NOTHING to do with her, and it’s sad that you get gratification by judging her and her intention as a mother! Florida for trump flag. I just stated a simple question? I didn’t know the man personally & I wasn’t around when he committed any crimes & guess what else..I’m not interested in his rap sheet!! I CAN’T and won’t decipher thru all of those typos. Should we assume that your parents didn’t beg, bum, or borrow enough to ensure you a proper education and that’s the reason you can’t string a complete and proper sentence together . he was abusive to the kids and wasn’t providing. Sounds to me like the kids are getting e best deal possible since they won’t be abused and getting an opportunity to change the cycle.

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