Florida Gators face mask

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The states that haven’t voted could change the entire election by collectively saying I don’t want to vote for Joe Biden, i have to vote for Bernie. Undermining the DNC and making him the Democratic nominee instead. Hey Joe, are you going to announce to them and the rest of us that you’re on board with M4A? Florida Gators face mask. You want my vote and the votes of millions of Progressives?!!! You gotta move left on some issues first, bro.

Florida Gators face mask

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face mask – Detail

Just promise us one thing, Joe. If Lindsay Graham comes kissing up to you at any point, please don’t take the viper back into your bosom. Forgiveness is a good thing, but not in this case. There is another pressing issue regarding the health care crisis with a message for the Biden campaign. If you are elected it is you and the Democratic party’s responsibility to rid the ACA and start over. Before the ACA my premium with a legal plan was 350 a month for three. It’s now 1734 a month, not including dental. Florida Gators face mask. Your ties to a tax credit also stink to high heaven placing myself and others on health care welfare or choosing outrageous rates as the second choice to earn an acceptable income. Get rid of the subsidies, tax credits, and income based rates that are all useless gimmicks, as the ACA is. It’s on you to fix your grand foul up of the ACA. Get busy and don’t make excuses about the GOP.

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