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I had a beautiful daughter 5years ago and guess what ? Floristry Knowledge Poster. No debt.

Floristry Knowledge Poster

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Are you going to cry me the river? Julie Carpenter maybe because you work for an open air radio station. A field that is dying and being taken over by internet streaming and podcasts. Be lucky you still have a job in that field. Unfortunately the tariffs did nothing to you unless your a farmer now. You need to get into the right fields!! Floristry Knowledge Poster. Also the lower wage jobs Obama creates are never going to pay more than the minimum because they don’t require higher skills. Teachers in Texas hot about a 5000 raise this year. Clones if that’s true then why so many people in welfare in his administration? Did you bother factoring in the welfare recipients no longer looking for jobs cause they got free stuff? No probably not. Sorry your leaving out the fact that the jobs under the last administration where part time and we where losing 200k jobs per month to companies moving out of the country due to regulations that the administration placed on them. Remember all the lists of companies stating they where taking thousands of jobs out of the USA? ulie Carpenter, don’t blame it on President Trump! The democRATS let illegals in by the millions, give them free healthcare, education, welfare and WIC. Some even get SSI. I do not know which funds all this coms from, but probably out of our Social Security! The democRATS do not give one flip about American citizens, they would rather support illegals! And there are 1.7 million jobs available, but the American citizens are not qualified enough to do the job, due to the lack of college education or tech schools! So vote out all the politicians that support sanctuary cities!

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