Flower well shit poster

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There’s no way Senate would pass that, but I sure could use it being behind on all my bills, no money in bank, relying on food pantry. Never thought I’d be in this position. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to have a job, but the cost of everything, such as groceries, has gone up exponentially, my budget has been hard hit. Flower well shit poster. Have to rob Peter to pay Paul” so to speak. Now for once I agree on the $ 2,000 dollars for everyone a month. When the government tells your business to shut down, you should then get payed from the government your salary plus $ 2,000 extra dollars.

Flower well shit poster

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I don’t understand how people can think the economy is doing well. Apparently they aren’t the ones who lost their jobs. Or health insurance. A friend of mine owns a private fitness gym. He had to close. His observation was that those who weren’t financially impacted were okay with the economy while those like him who had to shut down weren’t. Flower well shit poster. He was able to collect unemployment but still had to borrow money to stay afloat. It’s sad how politicians fight like immature children when it comes to helping the working class but will gladly pass bills that help the super rich and mega-corps. Go on vacation whilst so many are suffering, must be nice. I will lose my home and be forced to drop out of school because of Covid layoffs and having to homeschool my kid as a single parent with chronic health issues. What’s here and on the immediate horizon is worse than the Great Recession if you look at debt-to-GDP, particularly nonfinancial corporate debt.

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