Fly Fishing Knowledge Poster

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Im having a hard time seeing an object colliding with the plane. Fly Fishing Knowledge Poster. It looks like the plane just blew up.

Fly Fishing Knowledge Poster

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Poster – A4
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Poster – A3
Fly Fishing Knowledge Poster - A2
Poster – A2

And they said a light moved off to the left after the collision.. what could that light be that it continued to travel? Ko it’s not the greatest copy of this video there is a clearer one where you can make out both…the fast moving item is the missile..the flash is the impact. What you see travel in the opposition direction away after the flash is the plane starting to burn..the missile and plane travelled in different directions. Remember it takes time for the sound of the explosion to reach the camera. The impact is early in the video… watch it again. Mckiggan yeah it looks like something approaches fast. Fly Fishing Knowledge Poster. We then see the explosion and a light travels to the left directly after the collision. . So you are saying the light traveling to the left after the collision is the missile? So the missile collides with the plane then it continues to travel? How? That video was circulating two years ago and it was in Syria .Can ALL the Governments that are using this video as evidence guve us primary evidence about this video . Beeston isn’t the plane the large red explosion and the white light traveling to the left after the collision the missile? Why would the missile keep traveling after an explosion? Wouldn’t the missile explode too? Mckiggan these missiles weren’t supersonic, the missile system in question, a Russian-made Tor-M1, designed for low, slow flying planes. You need your eyes checking mate, I can see the booster from the missile, followed by the impact quite clearly. The resulting explosion confirms it.

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