Ford cloth mask

Do you want it? Ford cloth mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Not in my state, I would move! Ford cloth mask. Haven’t you seen the spike in all crimes by defunding and removing cops?

Ford cloth mask

Ford cloth mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

Did you hear about all the babies being murdered in NY, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, etc… murdered by BLM and antifa! All those precious babies ! Ford cloth mask. A 1 year old little boy, 6 yrs old girl, 8 yrs old in atlanta, etc… they were shot and killed at a family picnic, a peaceful protest, etc.. Marsha Butler those cities currently have huge police forces. Take all the time you need to make that logical connection. I’ll wait. No one has defunded or removed cops. There is legislation coming down the pipeline to reform police. Stop lying. You don’t care about any babies in New York Seattle Chicago etc you’re just blowing smoke. If you really care you’ll look at your own city and see how many kids dying there. This isn’t exclusive to big cities. No babies getting shot in my town, thank God! If you’ve not heard of cities removing cops and defunding cops budgets, you need to research or change channels! Its happening all over America! Ny alone removed 1 billion dollars from police budget and canceled new hires for foreseeable future! That’s where the 1 year old in a stroller got murdered over the weekend, a beautiful little boy! I truly wish I could live in your worlds, unfortunately I am a realist! I’d rather see the world as it is so I can inform and work for change!

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