Freeway Ford 3d face mask

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It would be nice if they could go to family’s or somewhere safer. Freeway Ford 3d face mask. I understand they need special care. But what’s happening in nursing homes is so sad, heartbreaking.

Freeway Ford 3d face mask

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It sounds like torture to be stuck in one room by yourself and have to eat by yourself.. Freeway Ford 3d face mask. Everyone needs the power of touch and love.. can’t stand it. Yes. If my mom were still here I would have to pull her out. … she did not have dementia though. Our 90 year old neighbor is going nuts… she’s in one room all day. Going on 5 weeks now. It’s not good. They could at least let them go to the dining room. As a nurse, I agree. Many of the elderly do not understand. The feelings of helplessness and abandonment (they think) by their family, hastens their demise. There is a loving and careful way; and, that is what we should be doing. Not keeping them from seeing their loved ones. Of course, strict hygiene and healthfulness should be enforced; but, not just w/family. Often disease is brought in by the persons employed in the homes. Mary I know how you feel. My mother has been ill for a while and in a long term care facility. I know that it has caused depression because she’s not allowed to see her family. I hope they can come up with some guidelines so they’re not lonely. Most of those so called reporters ask dumb questions which are exasperating and time consuming… I would get testy, TOO!

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