French Bulldog Sticker

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. French Bulldog Sticker. Order now before lose it forever.



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So I agree don’t go after the candidates and engage in mud slinging. It’s divisive and creates hostility despite the well intentioned party rhetoric to side with the who can get elected. That process is rotting our confidence in the electoral process. And as you say, the electoral college may be more of a hinderance than helpful now. Maybe it’s time to stop encouraging voters to vote for who can get elected rather than who inspires. Look – you were born with such a gift. You don’t have to be President to create change. French Bulldog. So educate and enlighten us as you would If President  based on your ideas, your thoughts. Our greatest leaders in history have done just that.

French Bulldog Sticker

French Bulldog Sticker - Detail
Sticker – Detail

It’s a shame Bill Clinton tarnished his reputation with personal misdeeds. But his crimes seem laughably mild compared to those of Trump. And Hillary would have been an awesome President and would never have made mistakes like those. Sexism prevented us from realizing her leadership skills, a highly qualified person for President. I’m really disappointed in the thinly veiled attacks on Bernie Sanders throughout the entire clip. Very disappointed in both women. French Bulldog. Bernie has a clear approach on how he’s going to do these things, and saying the opposite is really just fueling the fire of the Republicans’ fear of his platform. I haven’t listened to what she has to say, but I think she would still just be sick knowing that she’s the only major political figure who could’ve possibly lost to that reality show goon. And I hope she realizes that everything we are dealing with now, as a result of Donald Trump being in the White House is because of her. Thanks a lot Hillary Clinton.

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