Friendsgiving Friends Thanksgiving shirt and v-neck and hoodie

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Emoluments Clause. That sub-human, rancid disease, Trump, is now referring to the Constitution of the United States of America as fake news. Scott Bernstein yes i couldnt believe my ears. “Phony emolument clause” was what he said.Coming from the biggest phony pres. Friendsgiving Friends Thanksgiving.  I history.

Friendsgiving Friends Thanksgiving

Friendsgiving Friends Thanksgiving hoodie
Friendsgiving Friends Thanksgiving v-neck
Friendsgiving Friends Thanksgiving tank top
tank top

Trump should never been allowed to assume that position of president in the first place because of all the accusations that were coming up against him during the primaries. Michael Shirhall the charges are coming pending the current impeachment inquiry as prescribed by the constitution. The constitution says the HOUSE has the power to file impeachment proceedings. not just the Democrats. So follow what the constitution says. The world is in a crisis trump seem to be on a run away train going the wrong direction no one is jumping do the right thing this feel and look scary. This is crazy you. Hear. Some things going on every day. This person is on the tube 24/7 telling thing that is not. True. Why aren’t those people in Washington stop this. Train. Friendsgiving Friends Thanksgiving. Did you tards hear who Hillary said a Russian asset is? Tulsia Gabbard a 16 years Vet and Jill Stein a climate activists. You frikin people are mental cases at best. Ann Johnson no…we heard these things from his mouth CNN and other news outlets did what they’re supposed to do and that’s report it. Trump has no regard for rules or the truth. He is so high on himself it is beyond sick!! He thinks only about himself. Ha this guy says mick is one of the smartest guys he worked with. So what you’re saying is mick made a statement then realized later that trump wouldn’t like it so he back peddled. That doesn’t make sense. I can’t believe I keep watching these mainstream media clips, so twisted. All of them.

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