Fuck China Free Hong Kong shirt and hoodie and v-neck

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It’s very simple their is no innocent race in this world. Fuck China Free Hong Kong. All have done horrible things from the beginning and will keep on doing the same till the end of days.

Fuck China Free Hong Kong

Fuck China Free Hong Kong v-neck
Fuck China Free Hong Kong tank top
tank top
Fuck China Free Hong Kong hoodie

Since y’all can’t give me any facts, I’m out lol. Rather deal with the racists who can bring an actual argument with valid points. I agree with your statement, the Native Americans deserve to be treated with respect. They were treated very badly throughout history but to claim of the tribes were peaceful and that they never fought each other is not true. He’s like a petulant child who doesn’t want anyone telling him what to do. He did this as a deflection from the hearings plain and simple. He’s basically saying, See what a great man I am. I gave this criminal another chance and he gets to keep his pin and title. Fuck China Free Hong Kong. They hate we have a President that is making America the strongest country in the world again. Seriously dont listen to them it’s fake and they get a tickle out of upsetting real Americans that support. I am allowed to make an observation…He may be the highest level in the Administration, but that does NOT mean he has the integrity of having been in the Military to understand how it works. God for bid you have to say something bad about Barry. You’re a joke. Obama was about as far as you could get from the military leader, yet when he pardon people he got a pat on the back. My two brothers-in-law and a number of classmates who served in Viet Nan. We are Facebook friends and they think Trump’s leadership is outstanding. I also have young family members in the military who are happy to serve under this President.

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