Fuck it let’s frink beer shorts

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It is obscene that there should be such a lack of essentail medical supplies, Fuck it let’s frink beer shorts. and in a country where there are people so excessively rich that they can think of nothing better to do with their money than to buy an excess of inessential luxury goods for their own amusement

Fuck it let’s frink beer shorts

Fuck it let's frink beer shorts - detail
shorts – detail

Trump needs to invoke the defense act! Simple as that. He was this a great economy of hours and powerhouse of production to produce the things that will keep people alive. Honestly, who’s surprised? Trump never mobilized industry to fill the void because that would have declared its not going to miraculously disappear overnight. Fuck it let’s frink beer shorts. There should be industries running day and night until the PPE needed to fulfill this pandemic is stockpiled and then continue until we have fulfilled the stockpile for the next one. Apparently, it needs to be distributed to the states ahead of time so that they don’t have to rely on the federal government to not be run by an inept administration and hoard it for themselves leaving the states to fight for table scrapes.

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