Fuck it let’s have a beer face mask

Do you want it? Fuck it let’s have a beer face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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I really like being able to take my time in the comfort of home to vote too. Fuck it let’s have a beer face mask. And the I can go to the registrar of voters and make sure my vote was counted. Very secure and easy to verify if anyone disputes the count or tries to say there was fraud.

Fuck it let’s have a beer face mask

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There’s only 100 days until the 2020 presidential vote day. It would be impossible in such a short amount of time, esp with C19 hobbling everything, to set up the voter registrations with signature verifications, etc. in states w/o mail-in voting so the whole discussion is academic. Fuck it let’s have a beer face mask. Biden only keeps harping on it to avoid discussing more pertinent things he’s afraid to state a clear position on like civil unrest in major Dem cities and to needlessly rile up his vote base. I have voted by mail for years, live in a building where the voting is held, about 12 feet from my apartment and still like to do exactly as you for the reasons you described, yup here in WA as well. It’s great! I can’t imagine having to deal with a polling place. And btw it was a bipartisan effort between our 2 states to implement voting by mail to begin with!

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