Fuck off have a nice day face mask

Do you want it? Fuck off have a nice day face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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No public order or crowd offence committed. Fuck off have a nice day face mask. Police have nothing better to do.

Fuck off have a nice day face mask

Fuck off have a nice day face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

Rush hour traffic used to be far worse but police dont close factories or schools down. Queues outside council tips are far worse but they remain open. So are you saying police closed the store to save lives to stop people getting obese. In that case, close all fast food places. Ban sale of all alcohol. Never let pubs re open. Ban sales of cigarettes. People have the freedom to choose if they want to fill their face with a burger and become fat or have a pint and ruin their liver. Fuck off have a nice day face mask. i have only been desperate to have a burger king once in my life but after all people have the right to decide for themselves. Not enough people know how to cook these days. I should think after a twelve hours shift, anyone would want something a bit more substantial to eat than a burger and chips. I’d be starving , need a decent meal. Chinese or Indian or fish and chips, something to fill you up. i will have to complain to the police when football returns and my street is blocked for hours due to supporters and their cars. Hopefully once everyone has remembered how bad the food actually tastes then the queues wont remain that bad. Remember the toilet rolls. i bet half the nhs staff was in the queue. What does someone sitting in their own car social distancing have anything to do with nhs. If it was so dangerous to eat a burger i suggest you complain straight to the idiot boris Johnson for letting these outlets open.

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