Game face mask of wellness mask

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Stop trying to deflect from this President administration horrible Coronavirus Pandemic response…Game face mask of wellness mask. I thought this President said it was a HOAX one day, and then he stated we would have zero cases real soon.

Game face mask of wellness mask

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mask- pic 1

Then he said it would magically disappear when it got hot…GTFOH…. Maybe in Feb . – now transmission is American to American. It is Aug.. states opened too soon, nasjs social distancing not followed increasing the spread of Covid. China didn’t cause the Country wide spread of Covid. Americans did that to themselves. Game face mask of wellness mask. I wish Trump could be forced to see these situations first hand also… though hold that thought: that would be terribly inconsiderate to grieving families and friends, so scratch that thought. He would make it all about the incredible, wonderful, beautiful thing he did by being there. It is unfortunate that ignorance and lack of leadership from those that we put into office on our behalf have cost so many Americans their lives. have you noticed the CDC and WHO aren’t tracking the number of positive Covid-19 cases of individuals who regularly wear masks? I wonder why that is? He is not there to go to funerals. His job is to kill you and your family and friends and that’s it. He doesn’t care about nothing but himself. I hope the health care worker stays home if you or your family are sick- what a horrible person you are. I hope they do also, if they are the type to blame others for their own actions. Because that’s a true sign of a terrible person!

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