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Pat HoffmanSo what is President Biden waiting for? He knows the Republicans are just wasting valuable time and will never agree on any thing substantive. This sure doesn’t make Biden look good. Too bad. I think most all of us were hoping he was smarter than this! . Harold Chauncey HightIf it makes Joe Biden and Democrats look good it’s NOT good for the RepubliCON party. Moscow Mitch needs to go. . Peter BrownDelay tactics and detours are the Republican way. These remnants of a once great party(at least in someone’s perception) has become the party of treachery and deceit. I hear Republican and equivocate with terrorist now. That’s not okay and it shouldn’t be allowed to stand. Abolishing the party is the ONLY way forward2 . Top FanRoger MichaelTo hell with republican congress critters, the democrats and independents ought to just pass all they need to, to help straighten out the things that are wrong with this country and at the same time prove to republican voters that they have been voting… See More3  Gamer choose your weapon custom name 3D hoodie

Gamer choose your weapon custom name 3D hoodie

Julio AlejandroFascist republicans couldn’t care less about what the american people want or need. They only care about pleasing their true masters: the oligarchs. Problem is: corporate democrats are not that different from them. They must also be defeated and replaced by true progressives to represent the people’s interests.12 . Nick BurgerWe have a lot of corrupt poloticians.We need some serious reforms like TERM LIMITS and federally funded campaigns.I would like to see the Congress to meet all over the country not just live in Washington next to all these criminal lobbyists.An example of how corrupt our Congress is that Senator Finestein is in her 80’s she sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee.Her husband is a war contractor.We need to reform our very corrupt system.1 . Top FanJhonathon KuneschSenator Joe Manchin III is blocking progress he needs to stop pretending that we can negotiate with Republicans when they haven’t for decades with Democrats.1  Gamer choose your weapon custom name 3D hoodie

Gamer choose your weapon custom name 3D hoodie

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