Garden pot head cat poster

Do you want it? Garden pot head cat poster. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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The reason they break the law because the Department of Justice support these officers and they only have to say resisting arrest with violence. Garden pot head cat poster.  Officers are serving time for this but they are just city county, state, and federal government employees . Once you allow these cowards to use Steroids and be promoted and go out and arrest citizens for drugs possession that makes them feel they are above the law

Garden pot head cat poster

Garden pot head cat poster - A2
poster – A2
Garden pot head cat poster - A3
poster – A3
Garden pot head cat poster - A4
poster – A4

Qualified Immunity has shown itself to be BAD policy, application of the policy has been expanded by other cops, police supervisors, prosecutors and judges to the detriment of society as a whole. This movement needs a leader. You should be out there giving speeches and harnessing this energy to get real POLICY solutions to police brutality and economic inequality. Garden pot head cat poster. Don’t let this revolution go to waste. He was not guilty that day of holding a gun on anyone!! If your pick which one parent did a crime years ago and it was sorta violent, then tomorrow they got pulled over for speeding and the cops shot them because they were speeding then I guess that’s justified because of the crime they committed years ago!! There it is solved for whoever thinks like this

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