Gasparilla Skull Wreath

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Wow your comments is wonderful.Gasparilla Skull Wreath.  I tried to send you a friend request but didn’t go through please send me a friend request.

Gasparilla Skull Wreath

Gasparilla Skull Wreath- pic 1
Wreath- pic 1

I have something to ask if you don’t mind. It’s the biggest rain forest, because we took care of it. Wasn’t perfect, but was better than California, we don’t have celebrities houses in the middle of our forests, not yet! Heart of God the Father. He says: “Children, in the world, mankind is approaching the most serious times in all of history. My Justice is far-reaching. It is already manifest in a diminished way all over the earth. If all of My children would pay attention and heed the signs of the times, I would pay attention to their repentance and lessen My Justice. Gasparilla Skull Wreath. As it is, you have a pandemic, natural disasters of unprecedented proportions and rising friction amongst nations with grave consequences if they are unresolved. “Natural resources are very often held in ransom. Political differences carry the responsibility of shaping the future of the world in their final resolution. Because man has such power and knowledge to create and destroy, what he carries in his heart is of great importance. These Messages* come as a means of influencing hearts for the greater good. I urge you now to take heed and align your hearts with the dictates of My Commandments. This is your last hope.” The Amazon is literally the lungs of our planet! It won’t matter how much $$$ you have, if there’s little to no planet to live on.

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