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We have a true leader..we have a true patriot..Trump is one of those men who defend the country until died. George strait signature face mask. lm not Americans citizens but my son do..l don’t want a better leader for this democratic country..l respect to you but don’t love you… so,,remember you support the communist countries,,Cuba Venezuela ..who is less democratic?? You o Trump

George strait signature face mask

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Mayors of a lot of these cities are fueling the problem. Then when their city is literally torn apart and in ruins they are looking to Washington to give them federal money (taxpayer money) to come in and clean up the mess and rebuild their city. It’s about time someone did something about. I applaud Mr Trump for this. George strait signature face mask. People need to stop acting like animals. A lot of these protests are not as peaceful as are being reported. And before you all go off on my post just going to throw out there that I’m a lifelong Democrat but I’m sick of the shit that is going on in this country. People need to wake up and stop acting like spoiled entitled 2 year olds. Trump needs to be challenged in court. Anything he does other than protecting federal property or ensuring Constitutional rights are provided, withou

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