Georgia for trump flag

Do you want it? Georgia for trump flag. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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I watch the news a dont hear anyone asking. Georgia for trump flag. The point is….. the cops murder the man.

Georgia for trump flag

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flag – pic 1

No one cares about his history. The meaning of history is your pass. Its what happen, unless the minds are dark. But i guess when you are racist you will see life different. And you think criminal behavior should be rewarded? Good to know you approve of child abuse. You’re the one that’s sick and sad. He was convicted more than once for child abuse…. Don’t really understand how that mother can boohoo about their dad… By the way he was actually on probation for a DUI when he was killed. Man didn’t learn a lesson. whether he deserved to be killed will be determined at trial. Georgia for trump flag. Did you read his rap sheet? This was not a good man. His children were abused by him. As was his wife. I sure his wife will help her children use their educational opportunities. I guess he will pay the ultimate price. Am seeing so much in America and not feeling the need to welcome them in canada. We have problems but not these killings that makes no sense. I guess non of these officers have crisis intervention training. When you only have a high school diploma its hard to make critical thinking skills. A coward cant be a cops. They need a law like canada. For every shot fired you have to account for it. Why….. and what about all the cops who have been killed in the line of duty who’s kids will never see them again. Guess they don’t need help right? So you have to be a criminal and get killed them everybidybruns to help you.

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