German shepherd american flag face mask

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How about supporting the great American value and constitutional right of free speech by stoping the censorship all together. German shepherd american flag face mask. Ahhh when people point out their “constitutional rights “ but don’t even know what they are.

German shepherd american flag face mask

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How American. Facebook is a private business, so that means they’re able to do whatever they want with how they choose to run their business. German shepherd american flag face mask. I thought that’s what you conservatives try to fight so hard for? A private business’ right to run their business however they’d wish to. Don’t be mad at something you people fought so hard for in the US. Just using your own backwards logic that you conservatives used when you people fought against Colin Kaepernick’s right for freedom of protest during the national anthem in the NFL by the way. You would be claiming “backwords” logic if they censored your point of view. In the United States of America we have freedom of speech. Even if your opinion differs from mine. Conservatives would be all for Facebook banning LGTBQ people from joining Facebook but Facebook better not censor their racist, misogynistic and homophobic comments. Well, if Trump had it HIS way like Facebook does.. You think he’d have Democrats in the Supreme Court? They don’t even pretend to be fair. Our lawmakers need to get involved in a big way and change the way Facebook and Google/YouTube does business. There definitely needs to be oversight. Facebook has no right to limit our speech. Web designers, now is your time to design something better than Facebook and people will in the millions.

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