German shepherd nice butt poster

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Your VP was jist telling the entire nation that the violence shouldn’t stop.and will not.stop even after the election… GFYS. German shepherd nice butt poster. You and the dems have incided, conspired.and inspire these violent riots, and covered with calling them peaceful protests as you mayors and governors stepped.aside and you.hid in your basement.

German shepherd nice butt poster

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Trump is only talking to whites, inciting fear of “the other”. He ignores the fact that blacks and other people of color live in constant fear. A true leader would recognize the fear and anger on both sides and work towards a resolution. He should’ve started making America Great Again 4 years ago. ‼️ His followers should take a sit and keep waiting bc if elected we’re dead! Still promising the farmers, coal miners and the famous wall to his deplorable people , sad part is that they still believe him. Media is obsessed with the orange clown. German shepherd nice butt poster. He’s still sucking the oxygen out of the room. He’s delusional and he lies. People know it and ignore it. If you don’t put yourself on the screens daily, doing live events, you are going to face Hillary’s fate. The fellow is pure mistake, he has always been a mistake and how embarrassing the Country would allow someone who lies about everything be a public servant. Two things we the people must do for true happiness is eliminate hate and two, eliminate pollution… off the face of earth and i believe all we must do is eliminate the republican party and there we have it. Love is It

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