German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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Voted early Voted Red! We need to stop the spread of Liberalism and Socialism and bring America back to her roots in CA.. I’m still disappointed in you after that fake Supreme Court scam!. VOTE RED RELEASE CA FROM TYRANNY CORRUPTION OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY.. Red across the board. She needs to go home and stay there. She is too old and should let a younger person do a better job!!!. Go away FEINSTEIN…FOREVER.. Retire. Proud German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster Chumplican. voted gop up and down the ballot in california.. You cheated and rigged this last election. all cheaters—hey diane how is the chinese driver you had for the last 18 years-that you claim you did not know he was a spy for china. did you not investigate who you hired? time for this old goat to retire.… See More. Worst sock puppet of them all, horrible to crap in person. Look at her oh she believes in as her self and she’s freaking 90

German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster

German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster 1
German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster
German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster

I voted all red in California.. Must say that Calif has been super organized and careful. I see the voting process well and effective. This includes private ads influencing and State material with pros and cons. Really balanced well with my own investigating and research.. Whatever you do, don’t trust the USPS or a local drop-off for your ballot, take it directly to the ROV office for your district. (For example in San Diego the ROV is at 5600 Overland Ave 92123).. Thank you. we need you outa office. VOTE BLUE don’t listen to losers like this one if you want this country under control and laws get the respect they deserved because that men is going to keep killing humans. I voted for Hunter Biden to be hounded as much as you hounded our President Donald Trump for improper use of our Government influence. Where is your outrage now? Crickets from the lying Democrats. German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster

German Shepherd Take My Hand Poster

There are no consequences to his actions so he is going to continue along this criminal path. There has to be something that can be done to stop him. I know he only has a few days left but there is an incredible amount of damage that can be done in tho… See More. That’s all great Diane, but prosecuting such a flagrant disregard for the law should be the first consideration. “Borders on extortion”, seriously? Impeach.. If they are asking for the election to be overturned let them present their evidence. So what if they are wrong? Let’s have the same openness as offered to Feinstein the senator responsible for having Blayze Ford having been brought into the United Sta… See More. With all respect, Your words are not enough, Senator Dianne Feinstein . He will continue to be more and more brazen unless he faces real consequences for his criminality.

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