Give me your hand Jesus canvas prints

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Give me your hand Jesus canvas prints . Order now before lose it forever.

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Whoever that woman in on the far right, she is absolutely beautiful!!. I love this so much! Keep growing the squad for all of us squad members out here who need you. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting every single time!. I love the Squad. It’s about time regular people have actual representation. Thank You all.. Keep fighting the good fight, Squad!!! Welcome to you new members!!!. Wonderful photo! As the squad grows, so does its impact and ability to change things for the better!. Thank you for all you do and for always fighting for what’s truly best for the majority of your constituents. Your bravery is inspirational.. I’m so happy to see The Squad getting larger!!! . Nice! So y’all decided to do that last minute #ForceTheVote! . I’m pumped about the Squad and the hope it signals for the progressive movement. Love all the additions here plus Marie Newman and Mondaire Jones. Give me your hand Jesus canvas prints

Give me your hand Jesus canvas prints

Give me your hand Jesus canvas prints 2
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Great actress. Truly great. There may not come a better time to #ForceTheVote than the one that was let pass. Shameful.. While I absolutely love most of what you do and say, and the strong connection and support you show for your district, I’m really disappointed that you didn’t #forcethevote on Medicare for All. For gods’ sakes, if not now, when could there possibly be … See More. Well said. It is time for empathy and compassion to triumph over the greedy and power hungry. That will only happen when we reach deep inside ourselves and find the strength and clarity to transcend “what is” and fight for what “should be,”. Exactly. Give me your hand Jesus canvas prints Our government was designed for the people to be the head of government. But that also means as citizens we have a job. Like the Board of Directors of a corporation we need to stay educated about the issues, understand how the government work… See More

Give me your hand Jesus canvas prints

Thank you all keep up the great work! we are growing in numbers as our leader once said when millions stand together we will win!!!. Love the Squad. How about we get a new Speaker of the House?. So are y’all voting for Pelosi with no concessions? Cause if so the squad is useless and you’re not progressives and we will be primarying you #ForceTheVote. The old democratic establishment should be removed and you guys need to take over. #forcethevote Don’t vote for Pelosi unless we get something out of it. *Edit: She voted for Pelosi. . Give ’em holy hell. Hold those Rs intending to challenge the Electoral College accountable for disregarding their oath. Please keep growing and keep speaking truth to power. You are the voice of many of us in rooms we do not have access to.. I don’t have to agree with everything you want to implement or change to appreciate your dedication and courage to move our country forward.

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