Glitter dallas cowboys face mask

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Democracy never thrives in a capitalist nation. The rich continue to fluorish while the poor continue to perish. Glitter dallas cowboys face mask. Only the rich have a say. And it’s quite disappointing that you (Bernie) fell out of the democratic race and left the corporate and billionaire democrats to have their way. I believed that you would have made a better US president and a sober global leader. But then, you gave up! Be a man, we need you

Glitter dallas cowboys face mask

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face mask – detail

Bernie we very much need you in the upcoming battles ahead. Reality has endorsed this man for leadership who brings us hope that we can heal our country and it’s reputation. We need to keep standing together as one but without the violence in the streets. Glitter dallas cowboys face mask. Living in a rigged system where it works only for the extremely wealthy while trying to keep afloat above water levels and it’s up to our necks and beyond. With all due respect, dear Bernie, the USAcorp was never a democracy, it was invented to be a plutocracy and it continues to be one – until the empire of the 0.1% will implode as a result of its own contradictions it is capitalism, stupid and when the working people of the USA will get organized around their own class interests (yes, class struggle exists!) and working for the common good.

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