Gnomie I want to be a nice norwegian mug

Do you love it? Gnomie I want to be a nice norwegian mug. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Be careful any state Biden wins trumps going to make do a recount. Must be all those folks that moved from Joanna Bulger. He hasn’t won! Stop it Corrupt Fake Media!!!. This info comes from People magazine. Its still too close to say. I’m watching MSNBC. And I voted for Biden. Don’t jump the gun! Gnomie I want to be a nice norwegian mug. Yes when you give people “sharpies” to fill in their ballots and they are not read!!!??? People need to speak out !!!. I don’t think the state was called yet but it is leaning towards Biden. They def had something to say!!!! That’s huge.

Gnomie I want to be a nice norwegian mug

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Thank you Arizona and California!. Sheyenne Chambers Gnomie I want to be a nice norwegian mug People are allowed to change their views after four years of hell. Stop acting like “cry baby liberals” and get out of America if you don’t like it.. The Latinos in AZ have spoken!. No he didn’t !!! They just reported AZ grey because of the fraud going on there. They voted for Bill Clinton that should prove their ignorance.. The saddest part of it all is that we are arguing while they will not declare victories in each state for upwards of a week and a half bc of overseas votes and such. I dont understand why people get so worked up over projections that aren’t completel… . They took it back. The news is in such a hurry to make Biden the winner.. It’s a fitting end to Trump Presidency and validation for John Mccain from the grave!. Revenge from John McCain …love it. I voted and I’m in Arizona and I checked the status of my vote and it says it could not be found.. My friend said you can still borrow his truck for your move in January Donnie. Marabeth Zielinsky. Oh please!!! He doesn’t even remember he’s running for president. You cant simply vote for the one who will do the best job, regardless of who or what they are, oh no, they have to be the right color or swing the ri… . I’m sick of the idiots in this country. Our kids have to grow up on this.. Keep them coming we need change!!. 30 Now, you, kings and presidents and nobles of the earth, do you do that? You, African, American, European and Asian kings and presidents, know that one day, the dead and the living of all times will stand in judgment before God and Nebuchadnezzar wil…

Do you love it? Gnomie I want to be a nice norwegian mug. Buy it today before we sell out.

Hopefully conversation will begin about term limits. How come the negative comments come mostly from privileged white folk? Go figure!. Some of these are just sad.. More power to them. Yes, identity politics. You have to vote for them because they are black, or female or Muslim or gay.

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