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When is AG Barr going to arrest Senator Harris for encouraging violence and murder in her own words to the public. Goat nice butt poster. No more BS regular citizens would be arrested for saying the things she has said. She needs to be reminded she is an elected representative not a self proclaimed Social Justice fanatic.

Goat nice butt poster

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If anyone is crazy, it’s you! All your paid followers cannot help you when American voices for truth vote in November. You have deceived the American people by lying to them. You have made deals for yourself and your family on the backs of our citizens. Your own family despises you unless they are on your payroll. You are not a good man or a good leader. Goat nice butt poster. You would rather file bankruptcy than pay the people you owe money to. We know who you are…No more! You do not deserve another minute in the White House, let alone another four years. Rose tell it as it is! Trump should take a closer look at himself? Rose marie is not a troll.Our president is 100% disrespectful of the position, himself and many others.Presidents don’t mock disabled reporters and dead US senators.I will stop here. Reality not up for debate. Biden? Any democrat will do. Our president has demonstrated how he lacks decent character. Not to toss in the mismanagement of the virus? Plus millions out of work.

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