God and pug canvas printed and poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. God and pug canvas printed and poster. Order now before lose it forever.

Available at : https://moteefe.com/God-and-pug-canvas



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My Brother works for homeland security and says his friends on border patrol have been asking for help for many years. So this isn’t a Trump or Biden thing. They are in favor of the wall because they can’t keep up. The general public who is against thi… See More. Lindsey, they have always opposed the wall. Not sure why you don’t understand that. There is nothing mysterious about this. The wall will not progress under Democratic authority. Wouldn’t it be great it we followed the plan the border control has and implemented a wall where needed and drones and cameras where needed. Costs less and better results. And Congress pass a law where American companies are charged for hiring illegal… See More. Plug it Trump would had already done cause he is a real president and will be again. You know why, they want illegals to vote, they want to take care of illegals first, not american citizens!! God and pug canvas printed and poster

God and pug canvas printed and poster

God and pug canvas printed 1
God and pug canvas print
God and pug canvas printed 2

don’t tell us there is a hole in the wall without a plan to plug it. how can less than 600 people in washington give our sovereignty away all in congress should be charged with TREASON for not upholding the constitution and defending our borders. how i… See More. Biden, STOP wasting our money. Finish this portion at least. Let whatever other unfinished portions be finished.. Maybe organize all those pipeline workers to fix the hole in your pipe dream. What a perfectly staged political photo op that would be! Call your guy 45! Tell him this grand idea! He’ll make you his VP for the 2024 race! It will be the greatest! Nobod… See More. I wish someone from the Biden administration would fact check this. This make absolutely no sense what he showed us there was a wall on both sides. Is it being repaired. I believe your time would be better spent working on immigration policy instead of grandstanding in front of Trump’s wall. But then that’s not your style is it. Do your job!!! God and pug canvas printed and poster

God and pug canvas printed and poster

Lindsey Graham. Photo opp
Corrupt politicians are going to Talk talk talk this to death for years and years nothing will ever get done nothing will ever get accomplished!
Just ask the hardworking Americans people and businesses if they will help out to put up as muc… See More. Dawn Hinkle-Hanna
He’s killing our country. Demand he continues this wall and protecting the very people who pay his salary!!!!!!!. Why don’t you go help the people in Texas like other senators in other states are doing instead of stirring up drama and division. That hole was there when Trump was president. So why didn’t he fix it? Twisting the truth is not going to fix anything!. Isn’t that part of a presidents job to protect our country wasent that in the oath he took while his hand was on the Bible. The Biden administration has money to spare. They are very wasteful with our tax dollars. They just don’t care.

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