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Thank you, Bernie Sanders for telling us the truth! Mitch is Trumps enabler and they are using one another to keep each other in power! And, both together, are using hate for minorities to RULE, Not GOVERN. Problem: they have NO IDEAS FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT.. Endless amounts of money. Thats why we make deficits. You want to suck all resources of the country for failed government programs and destruction of our currency for a corrupt beaurecrat elite. Thats why you once praised Cuba and Venezuela.. UBI NOW, for people with AND without children. I’m damn sick and tired of childless people not being considered people.. End Citizens United. Stop ALEC and the flow of money to legislators.. I love Bernie – but what I don’t get are why there are no Junior Bernies in Congress. I know about the Squad, Warren etc, but where are the men??!. more respect daily, Mr. Sanders. Thank you. God bless veterans flag

God bless veterans flag

Scott Powers God bless veterans flag Pause GIF. Quite a comeback there Kent.. The government is handing out money, left and right. You can make more on unemployment plus Sleepy Joes extra money, than if you were working. How many are paying back mortgage or rent….or just going on shopping sprees?. Don Corl The. Scott Powers Because it’s robbing us blind!. Scott Powers and I thought it was about the people but it’s always about themselves. . Scott Powers Both sides have been guilty of this over the last 20+ years. It’s gotta stop.. Scott Powers You want to pay more in taxes don’t good seee. Scott Powers you are misinformed my friend. Are you getting rid of the filibuster? Without doing that Democratic words are just empty.. Scott Powers i am laughing so hard at this foolish ignorance.. Scott Powers I honestly had this conversation yesterday with a few intelligent republicans. They agreed that Democrats can compromise more than republicans. In fact, they even said the democratic way of thinking, ENABLES their Republican thinking. Instead of pro-choice being beneficial (because pro choice ENABLES pro-life, but doesn’t REJECT pro-choice like being pro-life does) to everybody, republicans backlash it.

God bless veterans flag

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