God jul norwegian flag tree poster

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Trump didn’t tell anyone about the pandemic coming to the United States!! He kept it a secret and now the country is in danger cause of him. Sue Jones God jul norwegian flag tree poster Already trying to blame any deaths next year on Trump? Do what you’re told Joe – go back to the basement!. Is that a threat if anyone put lives in danger it’s Biden.. As usual, Ol Joe is “plagiarizing” Trumps distribution plan and claiming it as his own. I expect him to claim credit for the vaccine!. Trump doesnt care if people are dying!!! If he handled the virus from the beginning we wouldn’t be in this mess!!! We wouldn’t be looking our LOVED ONES like this!!!. Look up Sore Loser” in the dictionary and there’s a picture of Trump. Play GIF GIPHY. Why is biden in such a hurry?. Velkys Rodriguez Garzon Not so fast Joe.. Dems want Trump to concede before votes are certified.. why???

God jul norwegian flag tree poster

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John Redmon III God jul norwegian flag tree poster I think that should stay between her and her husband and is disrespectful to her husband to be aired out in public. Unless he gave the ok, then that’s different. But still this should remain between the two well I guess 3 of them. Why do we need to know this? And why do we care. Some things need to be kept private.. SMH. Keep these things private! Any enough with the comments about “she’s a celebrity”, “It was in a interview for a parenting magazine” blah blah blah. Not sure why we need to know any of this very personal stuff. Time to snooze PEOPLE for a while…… First, this is not news. Nor should it be the subject of the news. And lastly, their sex life, or anyone’s for that matter is probably one of the last things I ever want to know about! T.M.I.!!! Whoever decided to write this article really needs a refr…Gosh weve had opposite issue. My drive went way up, especially the 1st few months, but my husband is always nervous about hurting me or weirded out about poking” the baby LOL We’ve had sex a few times but it’s been a struggle.. Why on earth would she feel the need to share this?? Also, seems extremely selfish of her.. Girl, don’t be surprised when he steps out on you.. . Umm, each couple decides what’s best for their own relationship but I do wonder why you’d share such an intimate thing . Cynthia Lang Marietta. If she won’t do it then her best girlfriend will. I don’t why any pregnant lady would put that story on the streets.

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Really? Why would you even bring that up in public? Anything to stay in the spotlight? Just lost any respect I may have had for Meghan Trainor.. I’m with Tricia.. Marilyn Rae Kane. Donna B. Woodcock. Scott Patterson. Deirdre Xaviera Haynes. Turn over and put your son under the 2 of you.

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