God Once Said Husky Poster

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No it is not the same!! God Once Said Husky Poster. Joe Biden didn’t ask a foreign leader to get dirt on his opponent!

God Once Said Husky Poster

God Once Said Husky Poster- 36x24
Poster- 36×24
God Once Said Husky Poster- 24x16
Poster- 24×16
God Once Said Husky Poster- 17x11
Poster- 17×11

Joe was already Vice President! Have you ever thought about it, that a democratic president could do the same thing as Trump and there is nothing you can do other than cry? I hope that will happen one day, because you Republicans deserve a Democratic president just as Trump is! The Media kept a running total on how many votes Pelosi had for impeachment since the first day of the hearings! So now we are supposed to be outraged that members of the Senate know how they are going to vote too? God Once Said Husky Poster. Oran the Democrats decided to impeach 3 years ago – they were simply eating for a reason. You’re ok with that but you’re not ok with the senate deciding the exact opposite? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The Democrats voted to impeach and no I didn’t have a problem with that!! If Trump would have testified in Mueller’s investigation, he wouldn’t have been impeached today. He would have been impeached 2 years ago!! Trump won’t show up in the Senate trial either because he will get caught in all of his lies under oath!! Trent oh by the way, if Trump was so innocent then why was he fighting so hard to keep everything hidden from the American people? Why didn’t he let Mulvaney, Pompeo, Perry, and all the others from testifying? Why? Because they would have to tell the truth under oath and Trump would be doomed!

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