God says you are black women face mask

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The Biden’s were investigated on Ukraine and found nothing. Ironically Trump got IMPEACHED partially due to Ukraine and his Quid-Pro-Quo, and many other obstruction of justice. Majority of Americans will vote Trump out for his corruption, his Hate, Greed, Evil, Chaos/Rhetoric and LIES. God says you are black women face mask. Plus Pandemic that has killed thousands due to his fail delays. Failure as a leader, when he sides with Dictators instead of his Generals & FBI available to him, has put our Military in danger. Sorry but Trump has no morals or no positive qualities.

God says you are black women face mask

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face mask – detail

It’s outrageous his people don’t call him on this. A huge part of his campaign was raising h**l about Obama showing a birth certificate, yet he’s foaming at the mouth about showing his taxes when no other president has had a problem with this. There is no way Trump supporters wouldn’t have gone nuts if Obama had done this or if Hillary had been elected and done so. What is the big deal? Evidently something!! Hope the Lincoln Project has something to say about it. We don’t care what he is hiding in his tax returns. God says you are black women face mask.We just need him to get us through this while you all are on your knees before anyone but GOD. You better recheck your homework as a citizen.. This man, this Trump, does not want We The People to survive too well this crisis. He is not ever trying to get us through,,,since the start of it,…and still! He isn’ even putting the economy first. He wanted everything open even when it was clear that if it did open more illness would spread, more people sick and dying, more people refusing to go out and more enterprises closing back up Any one with even average gray matter between their ears, any understanding of causes and affects, and he also warned against it by numerous medical experts AND businessmen and women, companies, even some corporations….not to open prematurely! He refused to listen

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