God says you are poster

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Charles Manson lived to be 83, 5 years longer than the life expectancy of the average American. God says you are poster. There are people who have been murdered as a result of some of these covid related releases. The people who have to work harder to appease the never ending demands of these politicians with high expectations for everyone (except for them) to do more, are the real ones who are being oppressed. There is just no end.

God says you are poster

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I know that many are in there and have been given draconian sentences but they don’t deserve a death sentence. I am all for letting them go to home confinement and encouraging it but you can’t let the prison population out and arrest the people out here for not wearing a mask or social distancing. God says you are poster. I am an advocate to end mass incarceration but you don’t do that by making laws to lock more people up . That is defeating the whole purpose. I thought you Senator Sanders would be one to stand up for our personal rights. The Democrats in Congress are trying to take away our rights and depend on the Government, if you truly want to help the people you would not want this , but maybe you want socialism like everyone said

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