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GinI have a question but I forgot to ask what:v5 . Darlene GelosoOKAY what are you doing to fix the blocking problem? we have a crisis and people are being blocked and tagged for sharing community standard violations 6 . Majo Palmashi, I have problems with a Facebook account, where I disable it and it tells me to send documents so that they can activate it. I already sent the documents and I have received emails from Facebook where it tells me that account has already been disabled that I can already start session but when I try to start session and won’t let me . Rick ClarosWhat is your monetary contribution to the Covi-19 fund?4 . Ginny RDGood morning. Could you please let videos and images be visible with Free Facebook option? This is for supporting education in remote places here in Mexico. Thanks . Abdullah KhurramGuys we all want to contact with CEO(Mark) for some problems, so should we discuss our questions and ideas with each other. Or we can suggest a better answer.2  God With Lovely Donkey Poster

God With Lovely Donkey Poster

Vego LópezHi, I have a question and I want you to help me solve it. Since I have pages that were created by other administrators with the name of my Institution and they no longer work with us and we want to cancel them and to be able to create a single and that the followers can merge with the new page, please I need your help. .. . Saad Alsadat AlakrmeMr. Mark Why can not I Publishing Or in groups Atalik possible Tvkla ban please 2 . Tijani PeterHello,I’m Peter tijani,so many recognize me as Double p.and others kankia star….I serve you quality poem,lyrics, #MUSIC,quotes, words to motivate everyone any where any time.please visit my wall go through it thoroughly.then we Talk.Thank you . Odeta AlhasanThe comment in the picture was a response to one of the Islamic fundamentalists who insulted the worst words, and the author of the response is banned, although it is a moral response against those words, and because the Facebook administration is infiltrated by the Islamists, it is hostile to secularists, liberals, atheists and biased towards ISIS  God With Lovely Donkey Poster

God With Lovely Donkey Poster

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